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Boyd Hill Nature Park

Visit this picturesque nature reserve, which provides relaxing green environments and fresh air to the St. Petersburg cityscape.

Take a breath of fresh air in the green refuge that is the Boyd Hill Nature Park. Walk the trails of this natural haven, located on the banks of the magnificent Maggiore Lake, and explore a fertile and diverse landscape.

Start your visit exploring the three wooded regions of the park. On boardwalk paths, discover the magical scenery of slender leaved willows and prehistoric ferns in the Willow Marsh. Catch sight of box turtles and enjoy the shade of maple trees by the creek in the swamp woodlands. Go to the Pine Flatwoods to see towering pines and the birdlife that calls them home. Note that alligators are part of the wildlife here. For your own safety and to protect the environment, keep to the boardwalks.

For a taste of Florida’s past, walk the Sand Scrub Trail, which mirrors the landscape as it was over 12,000 years ago. Enjoy its colorful wildflowers and the endangered species that live amongst the scrubland.

Walk the trails all the way out to Lake Maggiore Island for the best views of the glistening lake. From this small island, accessible by bridge, see water birds diving or alligators drifting lazily along the surface of the water. Linger a while and watch the sunset on one of the many benches provided.

Pay a fee to take a tour guided by professional naturalists for an informative experience. Night tours allow you to see the park’s nocturnal wildlife, while an early-morning vehicle tour is a great way to see the environment come to life.

Visit the small museum in the park’s main building to learn about the history of the environment and the formation of the park itself.

Boyd Hill Nature Park charges a small entry fee and is open until shortly after sunset most days. It is closed Mondays and public holidays. If you visit the area often, annual passes give you year-round access for a discount. Purchase tickets for tours from the park’s main building on its south side.

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