Bute Park

Take a calming stroll through Cardiff’s Bute Park. Follow the trails, explore the remains of a medieval friary and admire the horticulture and wildlife.

Admire the collections of rare and ornamental trees in beautiful Bute Park. Spot birds and animals and stop at the education center for activity sheets and trail information. Follow an artificial stream, the Mill Leat, around the castle or enjoy a peaceful walk along the River Taff.

Bute Park sits between the river and Cardiff Castle, a 138-acre (56-hectare) corridor of landscaped gardens and parklands in the city center. Originally owned by the Bute family, who resided in it, the castle was donated to the city in 1947.

Explore the park to see the Arboretum Collections. Admire over 3,000 individually catalogued specimens and one of the highest numbers of champion trees, the tallest or broadest of their kind in the British Isles, in a U.K. public park. Watch for numerous birds and animals, including woodpeckers, kingfishers and even otters.

Between spring and fall, follow the herbaceous border along the River Taff to see beautiful flower displays. At the end of the border find the remains of Blackfriars Friary, originally established in 1256. The priory was rebuilt after being sacked by Owain Glyndwr in 1404, but now all that remains are the excavated foundations. Look for additional information on the boards explaining the history of the building.

Follow the numerous trails around the park. Test yourself along the Fitness Trail, which offers multiple exercise stations for public use. Bring a smartphone and try the QR Code Trail for a wealth of information on the area, old photographs and drawings. Find the 20 sculptures that make up the Sculpture Trail and have fun on nearly a dozen play items along the Woodland Play Trail.

The park opens early every morning and closes half an hour before sunset. As the park is only a short distance from the main streets of Cardiff town center, it is easily accessible by car and bus. Visit the education center here, as well as the three cafés serving refreshments.

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