Cable Beach

White sand, crystal-clear water and lively beachfront establishments have made this the go-to beach for visitors to the most populated island of the Bahamas.

Cable Beach, the most popular stretch of coast on New Providence Island, is the ideal escape from downtown Nassau, the nation’s capital. Located just minutes west of the city, the 4 miles (6 kilometers) of coast are home to some of the island’s most luxurious resorts. Those staying at the hotels can walk straight from their rooms into the turquoise water, while day visitors can stretch out on the white sand. Spend the day relaxing at the water’s edge, scouting for local marine life beneath the surface or trying your hand at poker in one of the beachfront casinos.

While the beach may be the most popular on the island, most of its revelers are guests of the beachfront resorts, so finding a place on the sand is easy. As soon as you sit down, expect beach vendors to greet you and offer umbrellas, cold drinks and souvenirs. Make use of the umbrellas to prolong your stay on the beach, since the strong sun will shorten your day without one. From your spot on the sand you’ll be able to hear the tropical beats emanating from the hotel bars. Listen to local musicians or hear world-class DJs. Many of the bars and clubs are open to the public.

Cable Beach is perfect for swimming and the shallow water remains warm year-round. Families will appreciate the safe conditions for children, while those wanting to try diving or snorkeling will find vendors on the shore who can provide equipment. Fishing is also popular in areas of Cable Beach, with charter boats waiting to take you offshore. 

Cable Beach is located halfway between the city of Nassau and its airport and is a great place to use as a base while staying on New Providence Island. Reaching the beach is simple, with ample parking and bus service to the area. Visitors arriving on the island from a cruise ship can use the free minibuses, locally known as jitneys, to reach Cable Beach from the harbor precinct.

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