San Martin Square

Relax in a park with a preserved lawn, trees, statues, a war memorial and a tower in the center of the city.

San Martin Square, in central Buenos Aires, is a tranquil refuge with large patches of grass, old trees and wide paths. On one side of the park are elegant buildings. Florida Street, a popular shopping strip, begins at the other entrance. The square is home to a tall 19th-century monument of a former military general and a memorial of the Falklands War. These are among the most recognizable sites in the city.

Walk along the well-maintained grass in the park and admire the colorful flowerbeds. Enjoy a romantic stroll down a path sheltered by overhanging trees. Take the family pet to the fenced-off area provided for dogs.

The Torre Monumental (Monumental Tower) occupies the center of the park. The red-and-white structure has a large clock and spire. It was originally called the Torre de los Ingleses (English Tower) as it was a gift from the English community in Buenos Aires in 1810. However, after the Falklands War in 1982, it was renamed. Inspect the base of the 247-foot (75.3-meter) tower to find symbols of the British Empire, such as the Scottish thistle and the English rose.

Make your way to the memorial to the Falklands War. Be sure to refer to the Falklands Islands as “Las Malvinas” when speaking with locals, as that is the Spanish term for them. 

Find the statue of General San Martin, from whom the park takes its name. French sculptor Louis-Joseph Daumas created the sculpture in the 19th century.

Have a coffee in one of the many cafés and restaurants in the area overlooking the park. Walk down Florida Street and browse the shops, watch tango performers and haggle with vendors in this traffic-free zone. 

San Martin Square is located in the Retiro neighborhood in downtown Buenos Aires. It is at the northern end of Florida Street. Buses from every part of the city regularly take passengers to the city center. Many nearby attractions, such as the affluent Puerto Madero zone and the Puente de la Mujer (Women’s Bridge) are near this plaza’s central location.

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