Santa Fe Plaza

Home to many landmarks in the heart of the city, this spacious square evokes echoes of the Spanish colonial era with its markets, bandstand and live music.

Santa Fe Plaza is a spacious gathering point with markets, a bandstand and a park at the heart of the city. At the square’s center find an arts stage and a statue that acts as an American Indian War Memorial. Many musical performances and political events take place in the lively square. Around the plaza are restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Use the benches and tables in this tranquil, grassy haven for a picnic.

Watch the people walking by as you enjoy your picnic lunch. Relish the tranquil ambiance on the grass between the trees. The scenic park in the center of the plaza is a great spot from which to admire the adobe structures around the sides. 

See the Palace of the Governors on the northern part of the square. The 17th-century structure dates back as far as the inception of the plaza itself. It is one of the oldest constantly occupied public buildings in the country. Explore the collections and exhibitions of local history and art.

Examine the obelisk-shaped American Indian War Memorial that stands in the center of the park. It was erected in the 1860s to pay tribute to those who died in the American Civil War.

Purchase traditional Native American jewelry at one of the stands or boutiques around the square. Dine at one of the restaurants and cafés or buy fajitas from a vendor. Attend musical performances at the bandstand. 

The square was established around 1610 and has remained the political and social hub of the city since then. A defensive wall and fort once surrounded the plaza. It is also the terminus of the famous trade route from New Mexico to St. Louis.

Santa Fe Plaza sits in the center of the New Mexico city. Visit some of the many popular landmarks surrounding the site, such as the Loretto Chapel, Canyon Road and the Cathedral Basilicia of Saint Francis of Assisi. The city center is a 14-mile (22.5-kilometer) journey northeast from the Santa Fe Municipal Airport. It should take around 20 minutes by car.

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