Van Gogh Museum

This modern museum houses the world’s largest collection of the legendary Dutch master painter who led a troubled life and never saw his work become famous.

Head to the Van Gogh Museum to see some of the works of a groundbreaking 19th-century Dutch painter. Sadly, Vincent Van Gogh only sold one of his paintings during his short life, and never dreamed of the fame he’d enjoy after his death. Here you can browse the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and learn about his tormented life. The museum also displays works by other master painters of his time, including Monet, Gauguin and Seurat.

Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853. He started painting when he was 27 years old. His severe mental health problems led him to paint, draw and etch over 2,000 works in just a decade. In 1890 the troubled artist shot himself, and never saw the powerful effect his paintings had on the world. Among his most famous paintings are The Potato Eaters, The Café Terrace, Starry Night and his studies of sunflowers.

The museum opened its doors in 1973 and houses hundreds of paintings, drawings and prints on loan from the Van Gogh Trust. The contemporary glass entrance hall was added in 2013. Highlights of the permanent Van Gogh collection include Self Portrait with Felt Hat from his early days and The Potato Eaters.

Van Gogh’s work was often moody, thoughtful and detailed. The artist once threatened his friend Gauguin with a razor and out of regret cut off part of his own ear. See how Van Gogh’s once somber style became more colorful after he moved to France. You can learn more about Van Gogh at the Museum Library next door. To see more work by other 19th-century artists, visit the oval building on the lawns of Museumplein.

The Van Gogh Museum is on the Museumplein, an art hub just south of the city center. There are many public transport options to get there. There are parking lots in the city center, but spaces are limited.

The rotating exhibits are usually included in the general admission fee. The museum is open daily, with some exceptions. Photography is prohibited, but you can purchase post cards and posters of the collection, as well as other Van Gogh–themed merchandise.

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