Cabbage Beach

Ride Jet Skis and fly parasails, soak up the sun or relax at a beachfront bar at this popular resort-lined beach. 

Paradise Island’s major resorts have centered themselves around one of the most idyllic strips of coast in the Bahamas. Cabbage Beach has 2 miles (3 kilometers) of soft white sand, crystal-clear water and countless resorts, bars and restaurants lining the shore. The near end of the beach is busy, with a lively atmosphere and plenty of activities to occupy the family. The far, northwestern end of the beach is more isolated. Those looking to escape the crowds will love this section of Cabbage Beach, where a more relaxing beach experience can be enjoyed. 

Cabbage Beach is a destination for those who love watersports. At the popular resort end of the beach the offshore waters are buzzing with Jet Skis and boats towing parasailers. Rent your own gear or hire a driver from one of the many beachfront operators for hours of fun. Lessons are offered and tandem boats with a driver are available for first timers. Crash through the small waves that roll across the water for an exhilarating ride. 

Swim between the designated flags under the gaze of the Atlantis resort’s lifeguards. Cabbage Beach is known to have unpredictable conditions, particularly during the winter; inexperienced swimmers are advised to remain alert. 

Indulge in an afternoon of sunbathing, the most popular activity at Cabbage Beach. Rent deck chairs from a resort or look for a bargain with a beachfront vendor. It’s easy to spend the whole afternoon on the sand, with vendors regularly stopping by to offer drinks, snacks and umbrellas. 

Cabbage Beach is located on Paradise Island and is accessible on foot, by taxi or by boat. The beach is just a short walk away from Nassau’s harbor precinct. The beach is public and open daily. While there are no facilities at Cabbage Beach, buying a drink at a beachfront bar will give you access to its restroom.

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