Copenhagen Opera House

Designed by a famous architect from Denmark, this waterfront venue attracts both opera and architecture lovers from around the world.

Great expense was taken to build the grand Copenhagen Opera House. Visit the island of Holmen to see the 1,703-seat contemporary building designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen. If you love watching performing arts, book tickets for theater, ballet, opera or concerts.

A local shipping business donated the building to the city of Copenhagen. The project was completed for a cost of nearly a half billion U.S. dollars. As one of the most expensive opera houses in the world, it symbolizes the economic optimism that marked Europe at the beginning of the 21st century. Its ceiling features 105,000 sheets of gold leaf and the floor is made of smoked oak.

The modern design impresses architecture enthusiasts. Notice that no side of the building looks the same, with a rounded glass wall facing the waterfront and straight stone walls under the contrasting metal roof. 

The Copenhagen Opera House is also known for its attention to detail within its walls. The interior is internationally praised for its fantastic acoustics and large orchestra pits. Pay for a guided tour in English, available on most days, to discover the stories behind the building while walking between the six stages. Catch a glimpse backstage and see the majestic private balcony of the queen of Denmark.

Attending a classic performance in the Copenhagen Opera House is an unforgettable experience. See and hear the works of Wagner, Shakespeare or Verdi, and more. Shows are presented most evenings, while the attached “black box” theater, or Takkelloftet, shows experimental theater to up to 200 patrons.

The Copenhagen Opera House is located just outside the city center. The island of Holmen is connected by bridges, so you can walk, cycle or take a bus to get there. Limited parking is available for a fee. Check the website of the Copenhagen Opera House for the show schedule and tour times.

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