Florida Holocaust Museum

This is one of the country’s largest museum tributes to the Jewish genocide that took place in World War II, and its motto is, “Remember, Educate and Empower.”

Visit the Florida Holocaust Museum to get insight into the genocide of European Jews during World War II. As with any museum of this kind, it is a moving experience, and the message to take home is to never let such terror happen again. This message is reflected in the museum’s motto, “Remember, Educate and Empower.” Explore the three levels of exhibits that make up one of the most comprehensive Holocaust memorial collections in the country.

History, Heritage and Hope is the museum’s permanent exhibition on the first floor. Learn about the gradual rise of anti-Semitism through artifacts, photos and video. See how it came to a head during the Nazi occupation of Europe in the 1940s. One of the more harrowing pieces here is one of the very few remaining railroad boxcars that used to transport Jewish prisoners to concentration camps in Poland.

The temporary displays on the second floor focus more on art by artists who have a link to the Holocaust either directly or through family history. Broader themed pieces, such as those about human rights issues, are also featured.

Kane's Furniture Hall on the third floor houses a permanent exhibition called Kaddish in Wood. This collection of woodcarvings, by Dr. Herbert Savel, resemble photographs of French children who suffered during the Holocaust. This floor also houses small historical exhibitions and rotating artwork by students.

Talk to the museum staff if you have any questions. Volunteers with a particular connection to the Holocaust are there to educate visitors who want to know more.

The Florida Holocaust Museum is located in downtown St. Petersburg. Parking is free for visitors to the museum, which is open daily, except special holidays. Children under the age of six get in free, although the exhibits may be a bit daunting for small children. The Florida Holocaust Museum is not an experience to be rushed, so allow a few hours to see everything the museum has to offer.

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