Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)

Get a 360-degree view of Kuala Lumpur before you enjoy a meal at a revolving restaurant in the clouds.

Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) rises 1,381 feet (421 meters) above the Malaysian capital city. It stands in the center of the city and has become one of its defining features since construction finished in 1996.

Stroll through the 26 acre (10.5 hectare) Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve on your way to the tower. This century-old reserve around the tower’s base is home to an impressive range of native plant species including rain forest trees and bamboo grasses. Entrance to the reserve is free and there are guided tours throughout the day.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower has plenty to keep you busy, including an aquarium, an animal zone, a racing arcade, a small theater and souvenir shops. Note that the extra attractions each have an entrance fee.  

Take the elevator up to the 905-foot (276-meter) high observation deck. You’ll get 360-degree views of the city, with all its key landmarks clearly visible. An audio guide, included in the tower admission fee, is available in English. Stop at each of the designated information points for commentary on the cityscape.

Visit the observation deck at night to see the sparkling lights of the city for miles around. The rooftop revolving restaurant offers a range of local and international dishes. This is a place for a special meal, with premium prices and an exceptional view.

Kuala Lumpur Tower is in downtown and the nearest Light Rail Transit (LRT) station is about 20 minutes’ walk away. You’ll also have to make your way through the forest reserve to get there. It’s a pleasant stroll, but if you’d prefer a quicker option, take the free shuttle bus from the foot of the hill near the guard house. If you are driving, there is pay parking available at the tower.

The tower is open daily except major cultural and religious holidays.

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