Mystic Mountain

Enjoy the rainforest at top speed by gliding down a huge hill in a bobsled, a fun activity for the whole family.

Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios is an adventure attraction that offers thrilling activities that will put you in the heart of Jamaica’s natural rainforest. Try the bobsled and the zip line and dive in the pool with the family. This adventure park is not for the faint hearted, but a lot of fun if you are up for it.

Begin your tour at the entrance to the park where you will board the SkyExplorer chairlift. Sail in the air to the peak of the mountain, 700 feet (214 meters) above sea level and watch the rolling green hills and sprawling coastline of Ocho Rios unfold beneath you. 

At the top of the mountain, sip a coffee at the restaurant to mentally prepare yourself for the park’s signature attraction: The Bobsled Ride. These custom-designed sleds, inspired by the Jamaican Olympic team, will have you racing downhill through 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) of rainforest at unbelievable speeds. 

Loop back to the top and fly through the forest on the Canopy Zip Line. During this experience you will glide through the rainforest with a guide, who talks about the flora, fauna and the geography and history of the surrounding landscape. The ride is gentle, but some vertical drops are exhilarating.

Catch your breath at the Hummingbird Sanctuary and the Lookout Tower before taking the kids to the 250-foot (75 meter) water slide and Infinity pool. The attraction caters for all ages.

Mystic Mountain is open daily and is a short drive from Ocho Rios in the north of the island. To get there, take a taxi or transfer bus from any of the major hotels in Ocho Rios. There is a car park if you choose to hire a car.

Tickets are cheaper for children and if you book online you get a discount. To avoid the crowds, visit earlier in the day or late in the afternoon. There is a limited capacity for the SkyExplorer and Bobsled Ride, so book before you go to avoid disappointment.

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