Aloha Tower Tours

Aloha Tower showing a marina and landscape views
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Head to the top of one of Hawai’i’s most iconic buildings for remarkable bird’s-eye views of Honolulu on one side and the ocean on the other.

Many people who couldn’t recognize any other Hawaiian building could identify Aloha Tower, the distinctive landmark that was the highest building in these islands for many years. Today, it’s lost its title to the modern skyscrapers that have sprung up in Honolulu, but it remains one of the most historically important and architecturally interesting sights in the town. While here, be sure to explore the shops, restaurants and residences at its base.

Aloha Tower was built in 1926 as a mark of Honolulu’s status as a major port. Its architecture is an unusual mix of styles, combining ornate Gothic elements with the clear, straight lines of the art deco style most commonly associated with the period. Travelers aboard approaching ships would see this imposing building before they could clearly see anything else on the land.

Visit the tower to get a new perspective on Honolulu’s past and present. Admire the historic craftsmans