Amsterdam Houseboat Rentals

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Compare 35 Houseboats in Amsterdam with updated reviews, rates, and availability.

Boat with a view in center of Amsterdam
10.0 out of 10, Exceptional, (109)
"The location was great and it was nice to wake up on the water"
Boat with a view in center of Amsterdam
Property grounds
Modern yet cozy houseboat
10.0 out of 10, Exceptional, (111)
"Albert is the best host. He greeted us when we arrived with fresh tulips and showed us how everything worked. He helped us navigate the two biggest celebrations in Amsterdam. The houseboat is clean, very modern with all of the modern conveniences.... including heated bathroom floors. We will be back again."
Modern yet cozy houseboat
Property grounds
Quiet Waterloft near Amsterdam and Schiphol WS17
10.0 out of 10, Exceptional, (2)
"Myself and 2 family members chose the Aalsmeer houseboat to explore Amsterdam and Keukenhof gardens. The houseboat is super cute. It’s a 35 minute walk to the bus station and we took an Uber for 10 euros because it was raining. Then bus to Hoofddorp to catch a train to Schiphol airport then on to Amsterdam Centraal station. I ate at Del Harbor restaurant, about a 5-7 minute walk for dinner one night and it was delicious. We wanted an affordable houseboat op