Aquarium of Niagara

See aquatic animals from the Great Lakes to the Amazon River, and be entertained by sea lion shows and penguin feedings.

The Aquarium of Niagara is small, but packed with things to do and see. Feed a Humboldt penguin from Peru. Watch California sea lions frolic, balance balls on their noses, then applaud themselves. Learn about rescued harbor seals while the trainers introduce each one by name and feed them. In summer, you can even help with feeding the animals. Wonder at tidal pool creatures such as anemones, clams and baby sole as they are fed individually by hand. Or, just wander at your leisure among the range of themed aquariums. You’ll see Great Lakes fish, such as sturgeon and trout, as well as creatures of the Amazon, including piranhas and seahorses.  

Check out some of the daily events, sure to entertain children of all ages. The penguins are fed twice a day. In summer, there are regularly scheduled sea lion shows in the large, round pool at the center of the aquarium. The harbor seals are fed morning and afternoon in an outdoor pool near the aquarium’s entrance. Once a day, enjoy either the tidal pool feeding or the shark feeding. Keep an eye out for special events, such as Penguin Days in late March when visitors have the opportunity to get close to these charming animals. 

The Aquarium of Niagara was founded in 1965 for both education and recreation. It was the first time technology was used in a large setting to prepare and manage synthetic seawater, becoming a model that was replicated at other inland aquariums. 

The aquarium is on the United States side of Niagara Falls, three blocks north of Rainbow Bridge, which connects Canada and the U.S. It’s open daily, except for Thanksgiving, and Christmas days. The building is wheelchair accessible, and there is ample, free parking for cars and buses. 

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