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Quick facts about Singapore:

  • With 5.5 million residents, Singapore ranks 181st in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Singapore is the Singapore Dollar
  • Don't forget to stop in Singapore, Colonial District, and Red Light District while you're in the country

Seeking to educate yourself about the local hotels in Singapore? Here are a few stats you might like know:

  • 82 people have reviewed this country on Expedia, and 62 of them wholeheartedly recommend taking a trip here.
  • Average hotels here receive a ranking of 4 on a scale from 1 to 5.
  • The average room has a cleanliness rating of 4.
  • Service at local hotels have received a rating of 4 on average.
  • Comfort levels at local lodges garnered a score of 4.

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Singapore has a mix of culture and religion that you can explore at every turn. Although the country was once a part of the United Kingdom, it is also home to people from Malaysia, China, and India. These cultures are reflected in many of the historical and religious sites throughout the country. Many hotels in Singapore are located within walking distance of these attractions.

When traveling in Singapore, you will find a variety of Singapore hotels that are located near some of the best arts and culture attractions. Esplanade Theatres on the Bay is located right on the water at Marina Bay and provides visitors with a special combination of dance, opera, theater, and music in five theaters. Singapore is also home to a wide range of art galleries that feature modern local art, historic Asian art, and traveling exhibits of world artifacts.

For visitors who want to test their adrenaline, Singapore is the place for trying out extreme sports. Some of these sports include skydiving, extreme skating, wakeboarding, and driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini on an F1 street circuit. If you are traveling specifically for these experiences, you may be able to book great prices with a cheap Singapore hotel deal packaged with these activities.

Singapore also offers top attractions for the whole family. A fun stop for kids is the Singapore Zoo, where you can see a wide variety of exotic animals. Kids also enjoy spending time running around the tropical flowers and plants at Gardens by the Bay. You can also find many discount Singapore hotels deals that include hotels that are kid friendly.

If you want to take advantage of cheap hotel deals in Singapore, you can utilize the city's public transportation system to get to your favorite attractions. There are many options when it comes to transportation. Most locals walk, ride bicycles, and take the bus. If you are traveling regionally, you can also use the light rail system. Taxis are also available for short and long distances making your exploration of Singapore easy and affordable with Singapore hotel deals.