Fantastic ride that ends with a splash! Inside the lobby of the Walt Disney Studios Lot theatre. #Blue #Hiking at BatMansCave a very slippery place on winter ,and the earth is so loose ,watch up for falling rocks 👍🏼😒 #LA #Hollywood #OutDoors The Hollywood Cross sits on a hill next to the dilapidated (but currently being renovated) Ford Theater across from the Hollywood Bowl. Here, the 32 foot high cross watches silently over the city of angels.
Note: This is not a composite.
#city #travel #town #traveling #город #citybestpics #cityscapes #travelblogger #sunsetlover #travels #travelblog #traveldiary #travelawesome #travelandlife #architecture #streets #cathedral #streetphoto #tlpicks #worldtravelpics #instapassport #igtravel #urban #architecturelovers #budapest #hungary #cityscape #autumn #beautifuldestinations #cities #Hiking at #TreeOfLife people get created up here #LA .hiking shoes are extremely recommend 👍🏼🌳 #Hiking at #TreeOfLife or #WisdomTree #WonderView part of the #GriffithObservatory #LA if you want to get here be ready for 5 miles walk form the Observatory to here ,hiking shoes are extremely recommend ,water .i am by to pass out I walk 10 miles today .
Why they call it The tree of life because back on 2007 there was a big fire here and this is the only tree who has survived 🌳🙏🏻🔮💜
Under the tree there is a box with some notebooks and all those who get up here can share some story's 👍🏼 #Hiking at #WonderView or #TreeOfLife trail part of the #GriffithPark by #HollywoodSign be ready for 7 hard miles ,hiking shoes are extremely recommend and water . Be safe .
Any one knows what #Bird is this gorgeous creature 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🌳 #Blue birds are smiling at me blue birds is all I can see 🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼 I remember so much my lovely Robin Williams . #Hiking at #BronsonsCave #Hollywood #OutDoors #Hiking at the #treeoflife #WisdomTree trail part of the #GriffithPark #LA or #WonderView .i can see two worlds here . Today #Hiking at #BatMansCave you better watch up for falling small rocks because of the rain the rocks are loose ,winter is not great idea for hike this area but is beautiful . #LA #Hollywood A little known lake tucked away just below the Hollywood sign.
#artvin #sefayamak #beautifuldestinations #igtravel #passionpassport #wonderful_places #landscapephotography #landscapes #natgeotravel #travelphoto #bestvacations #ourplanetdaily #stayandwonder #breathtaking #landscapelovers #traveldeeper #wonderlust #amazingview #worldplaces #bbctravel #beautifulplaces #nakedplanet #citybestpics #earthofficial #tasteintravel #turkeyday #discoverglobe #worldtravelpics #mountains #gooutside #Hiking at #BronsonsCave #Hollywood #Tunel A view of the sunrise and downtown Los Angeles from from the Wisdom Tree Trail Near the Hollywood Hills. This was taken from a spot between the peak where the Wisdom Tree is and the Top of Cahuenga Peak. This trail offers excellent views of Los Angeles on both sides of the trail.
#hiking, #hometown #HollywoodSign view from #BronsonsCave #Hiking Silhouette of the Los Angeles skyline as seen from the Hollywood Bowl Overlook.
#BvsCities Hogs Head Pub in Hosgmeade. The Hog moves! Bronson caves aka where they filmed the exterior shots for Batman! The Chinese Theatre is a must see when visiting Hollywood. And it's difficult to miss as it's right on the Hollywood Walk of Fame... Didn't get a chance to go in, was just a lil tourist (lol), but just the outside is enough. You get a nice view of Asian #Architecture which is so uniquely interesting The DOOWYLLOH Sign!
The famous Hollywood sign overlooks the Los Angeles Basin before dawn.
#FindingtheUniverse Touching the HOLLYWOOD sign... The Bates Motel comes to life on the Universal Studios Backlot tour. Infamous film set from Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho. #cinematrove Taking a walk after dinner along Ventura Boulevard, looked up to see this. The sunset colors were so bright and colorful! true colors, no filter, just beautiful.
#sunset #losangeles I remember the Chinese theater use to look big ,but now with all this 2 walls at the side (new it looks small and is loosing all Chinese mean or architecture in mi opinion 😩.
TCL Chinese Theatre is a cinema palace on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, United States. Originally known (and still commonly referred to) as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, it was renamed Mann's Chinese Theatre in 1973; the name lasted until 2001, after which it reverted to its original name. On January 11, 2013, Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL Corporation purchased the naming rights to the facility, making its official name TCL Chinese Theatre.This resulted in the first affiliation of the Chinese Theatre with an actual Chinese corporation.
Los Angeles Historic Cultural monument .
Designate June 5, 1958
Reference number 55.
Any fan of The Simpsons would love downtown Springfield in Universal Studios 📺🍔🎢 The Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of more than 2,400 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California. The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry, bearing the names of a mix of actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, and others. The Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and maintained by the self-financing Hollywood Historic Trust. It is a popular tourist destination, with a reported 10 million visitors in 2003. A mailbox in the Garden of Oz. Back in Sunny LA. Just the beginning a great adventure park Had a wonderful time exploring Hollywood Blvd. The Chinese Theater was truly wonderful to see.
When I hiked to the sign back in 2015. It's a medium hike, so bring a lot of water, snacks and a camera!
#Stunningstructures The wildflowers bloom on the hidden side path of this hike-- definitely worth venturing off the main trail if you want a quieter, more scenic challenge. #TakeAHike Hollywood is a fun place to hang out, people watch, and feel famous. The walk of fame is longer than I expected and there were near buildings to see all along the way. I thought it would take 2 hours to see, but we spent all day there. Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds of tour buses, and a quick High Tower Elevator Hogs Head Pub at Hogsmeade Hogwarts at Universal Studios. Be sure to try the butter beer. I prefer the frozen slushee type. Great quick hike with nice view of the Hollywood sign, some mountain ranges and the city skyline! #EndOfTheDay #HollywoodLandmark #HotelRoosevelt Welcome to Hogwarts! Stahl house is a case study house #22. It's one of the most beautiful places I've been to in L.A. Book the sunset tour if you ever get a chance. #green #losangeles Kahlua and baileys pancakes!! 😭😭😭😭 so good! And paired with French press coffee? Heaven. #troveon and the oscar goes to..... Stairs that play piano music based on your movement. Had a blast running up and down these Mel's Drive In is a famous diner just off Holloywood Blvd. it's a classic 50's diner with great food & service! Hollywood&Highland #metrostation #hollywood #losangeles #artunderground Feels like we literally traveled to the end of the earth. It's a very cool and eerie feeling standing in this devastated neighborhood from The BEAUTIFUL view from the top of Hollyridge trail, aka the Hollywood sign trail. One of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen. Today is a good day to dream. Found while hiking in Runyon Canyon. #colorful A great beginning to a great park Here's a wonderful view from the Hollywood sign. Bring water and snacks on your hike :) Universal Studios LA, Photo taken Nov 2015 #red Spicy garlic wings! Yum! Mmmmmm cheese rolls The Actor's Key offers acting classes and workshops with instructors in the entertainment industry for both young and adult actors. These workshops are a Waiting for James Taylor concert to start Mofongo de Pollo Guisado. Mofongo is a traditional Puerto Rican dish made with fried green plantains and pork chicharron. This one is with savory chicken stew with bell peppers. I can't remember this scene!!! Somebody please help me. Evening The Hollywood sign originally read “HOLLYWOODLAND” and was lit with about 4,000, 20 watt light bulbs, which would flash “HOLLY” then “WOOD” then “LAND” then “HOLLYWOODLAND” repeatedly Hidden bear heads on the lower side of the dam. Found the best perspective of the Hollywood sign - California 2015. 
Hollywood Street.
#Hollywood #star #LosAngeles #USA
Taken at August 23rd, 2015. My boy, Will Smith reminding us to change the world. Ollivanders wand shop A small Hike through Griffith Park and we found this legendary cave many of us we saw it with Batman driving the Batí mobile on the 70's show if I'm not wrong, the place is truly amazing!!! Enjoy... The very exciting Universal studios, with the vast, #blue expanse of the LA valley spread out - a photographer's delight! Retro dining at its best! Evening in Universal City. Hollywood by night A park near Hollywood Bowl Good salads (fried goat cheese, chopped, kale...), sandwiches, pasta and more in this sunny Sunset Blvd restaurant. Nice casual vibe for lunch or dinner. Even the parking garages have #art in #LA
#california Los Angeles Pluto's Corner at The Walt Disney Studio's Lot. Recognize this car? Art Deco LA water & power buildings. Hollywood ridiculousness. Always nice to see thousands if frustrated tourists with The Universal Studios VIP Experience. The only civilized way to do a theme park excursion. Pricey, but adds years to your life.
Here Universal Studios VIP Guide Ashley Love shows our group around the soundstage currently housing the TV show Parenthood.
I like the logo People watching #TroveOn remembering #LA Just outside the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Some stars and palm trees.
Universal Studios Hollywood
#Universal #studios #Hollywood #US #LA #LosAngeles
Taken at August 24th, 2015. Feeling on top of the world at the top of the Hollywood sign. Such a beautiful view for the whole hike up and even more breath taking with the overlooking view of Los Angeles at the top. The Meal was a Feast yummers @Universal Studio LA.#FoodieFinds Ollivanders wand shop Universal studio's brings to live the world of wizards. Photo taken in hogsmeade where you can find anything your heart desires This is the view from the top of Mount Lee Road. Top of the Hollywood sign trail. Awesome view What a view - an iconic sign! A great hike through Griffith Park
#losangeles #california #takeahike Unique trees are my weakness. #Green #Patterns There are good viewpoints from the valley below, and supposedly the LAPD imposes heavy fines for those who walk up to it. But look closely at this picture, you will see four people in front of the second 'L'! Hollywood sign view Warner Brothers studio tour--and a stop at the Friends set! You can take your picture on the couch! Fun speakeasy in Los Angeles. Drinks are great and not over priced. Love the atmosphere and service. Bronson Canyon/Caves View WB Water Tower Skydive at Universal Citywalk! LA LA Fitness view of the haunted Hollywood hotel. Watched Frozen with my nephew. Before the movie started Elsa, the snow queen, came out on the stage bringing snow inside the theater.
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