Mount Norquay Ski Resort

Supreme ski vacation packages in Canada are yours when you head to Mount Norquay. With only five minutes between you and Banff, you are in the heart of snow country. 

Alberta shines at the Norquay Ski Resort. Vacation at Banff Mount Norquay to discover that it isn't only about Noquay skiing. Get set for snowboarding and tubing adventures as well. Whether you have ventured out by yourself, have decided to take a couple's getaway, or want fun for the whole family, Norquay will give you the time of your life. 

Norquay Ski enthusiasts love it each time they experience this secret gem tucked away in the Rockies. The resort has been in the business of giving snow bunnies what they want since 1926 and offers entertaining, theme adventures on skis. There's something for everyone when it comes to trails that have the right degree of difficulty. Olympic hopefuls and World Cup pros stretch themselves to the limits on difficult slopes while beginners can give skiing their first try on gentle hills that will provide them with a positive experience. Ski School can pave the way, making ski vacations memorable. Ski tours are an excellent way to see CA skiing at its best. Norquay skiing is affordable as well, offering a pass by the hour to ensure you truly get what you pay for. 190 acres are at your disposal with 28 runs. Night skiing and heli skiing give you more opportunities to explore the area. 

Now is the time to find great deals for season tickets at a discount. Check out affordable prices for rentals and get those lift tickets to take you to the top for peak skiing in Norquay. The weather, the time, and the place are right to get your ski rentals and meet Mount Norquay.

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