Atlantis Aquarium

Swim with dolphins or walk through a tunnel surrounded by deadly sharks at the largest aquarium in the Caribbean.

Sitting alongside the Atlantis resort’s enormous Aquaventure water park is one of the most advanced collection of aquariums and marine habitats in the world. The Atlantis Aquarium is home to more than 50,000 animals from 250 species, making it the biggest of its kind in the Caribbean. Explore the 14 lagoons that recreate the natural aquatic environments of their inhabitants. Multiple custom-made tanks allow you to walk alongside the most dangerous creatures in the ocean. Dolphins, sharks, barracuda and the endangered alligator gar are among the highlights of the aquarium, a must-see for any visitor to the Nassau area.

Arrive early at the aquarium to ensure you will get a ticket, since places for non-resort guests are limited. An early arrival time also allows you to beat the midday heat and see all areas of the park. Head for the Dolphin Cay, a 14-acre (6-hectare) man-made lagoon where you can swim with dolphins and sea lions. Journey through the lost city of Atlantis at the Dig exhibit, where piranhas, venomous lionfish and glowing jellyfish have made their home. Those wanting to swim among the creatures can do so at the Ruins Lagoon, while enjoying underwater artifacts constructed as replicas of the lost city of Atlantis. Embark on a snorkeling adventure to swim with more than 20,000 brightly colored fish.

Learn about the habitats, life cycles and environmental issues that threaten many of the species in the wild at the Estuary Lagoon, a shallow nursery pool. The aquarium has plenty of educational activities that will entertain children and adults for hours. Restaurants, bars and cafés surround the Atlantis Aquarium, so you can rest between the exhibits as you watch nurse sharks and stingrays swim in the shallow pools beside you.

Reach the Atlantis Aquarium by ferry, taxi or car from Nassau. On-site parking is available for a fee. The aquarium is open daily and an admission fee applies for non-resort guests.

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