Student Travel Discounts on Hotels

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) travel advisories, some destinations may be unavailable for certain dates. Find out more.
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There are no student-only travel deals currently available.


Browse some of the other travel deals Expedia has available below.

Why do we have student offers?

Travel shouldn’t wait. Expedia wants to empower everyone to take advantage of holidays, spring break, or just a long weekend. Studies are demanding and one of the best ways to revitalize and recharge the batteries is to get away from campus for a few days. These discounts should help students do just that.

How much can I save with these coupons?

Our deals range from a lot to a little, but every little bit counts when you’re a college student. A getaway doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. We have savings on offer for both domestic and international destinations, to beaches, cities and parks. The first step is to sign up to see what we have available.

How often do the deals change?

We regularly update the travel discounts you’ll find here. Experiences change, but whether you go alone or in group, to a hotel or hostel, on a working vacation or to totally disconnect from school, this program can help. It shouldn’t feel like a job to find the right vacation deal for yourself; you have agency and our deals just assist you to find the right place to go.

What if there are no student travel savings for the place I want to visit?

Always check back to see updated offerings. If you don’t see anything on our student offers page, you can browse our other great hotel deals, check out more Expedia coupons, or search for low prices on hotels.

There are lots of ways to get started, whether it’s just tips for saving money, or getting a student travel card. Our discounts however are bespoke, and will go a long way to help students travel.