Pirates of Nassau Museum

Relive the savagery and reckless abandon of 17th-century pirates who once called Nassau home at this interactive museum.

Much of the pirate “golden age” was centered around the Bahama Islands, with the major commercial hub being Nassau. The town was home to a rough harbor precinct, with unruly sailors and pirates swigging rum, fighting on the docks and gambling in the taverns. The Pirates of Nassau Museum offers an exciting glimpse into the lives of the real Pirates of the Caribbean. Have hours of fun and entertainment as you move through the museum’s replica pirate ship and the rooms below. The museum has steadily grown to be one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Upon arrival, a jovial pirate will greet your party and lead you aboard the Revenge. The huge replica ship bears all the signature features of 17th-century pirate ships, including weaponry and flags. Follow your guide through the museum, or take a self-guided tour to discover the historic relics recovered from ships sunk during battle. Intricately engraved swords, pistols and cannons are highlights of the museum. 

Information is provided in English throughout the museum and is aimed at both adults and children. For hours of entertainment, help your children get started answering a series of true or false questions that run throughout the museum, many with answers that will surprise even the most educated historians. Read about the reason so many ships were defeated by pirates in the region and hear the tales of savagery that emerged from the era. Learn about the range of flags flown during battle and the different meanings each held. 

End your museum visit with a stop at its excellent gift shop, a good place to find souvenirs to take home. 

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is open daily and an admission fee applies. Visitors staying in Nassau will be able to reach the museum on foot; it’s just a short distance from the city harbor. Those coming from farther afield will find street parking in the area.

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