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Travelers visiting the American West will be interested in finding cheap deals at Bismarck hotels. Fortunately, hotels in Bismarck, ND aren't known for being notoriously expensive. Visitors to Bismarck, North Dakota hotels will want to take advantage of nearby car rentals, however, because public transportation does not exist in this city. Flights to Bismarck are fairly cheap and abundant from a variety of well-respected national airlines, although many people who take Bismarck vacations do so as part of a larger road trip.

Pet friendly hotels are easy to find among Bismarck, ND hotels, and even the majority of the best establishments have some provision for travelers with furry friends. Unlike many U.S. cities, Bismarck's main shopping mall is located in the downtown area rather than in the suburbs, so those who want to shop are advised to seek out a downtown Bismarck hotel so that they can have easy proximity to the mall. Bismarck's art district is also located downtown. The city's well kept historical area, the Cathedral District, is within walking distance of top local lodging accommodations.

Although Bismarck is not a particularly popular tourist destination, it's the capital of the state of North Dakota as well as the state's second largest city. Many travelers to the city are in-state residents who visit Bismarck on state business or to take advantage of shopping opportunities that don't exist in the more rural parts of this largely agricultural state. However, just because it's not a huge tourist trap doesn't mean that Bismarck vacations aren't worthwhile. The city of Bismarck features some amazing art deco architecture, several regional theaters and two top quality orchestras. Bismarck State College is also located within the city limits.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of parks and trails contained within the city of Bismarck, and there are also several golf courses and swimming pools available. Most visitors choose to visit Bismarck in the summer, although winter sports aficionados can find plenty of fun during the long winter months. Bismarck holds the record for the largest amount of snow angels ever made in one place at the same time.