Romantic Hotels

Romantic Hotels

Fall for a romantic getaway

Love may be a mystery but planning the perfect romantic getaway doesn't have to be. You may have a romantic locale in mind. Or perhaps you're looking for an intimate weekend closer to home. No matter the destination, we can help you find the perfect holiday for two.

Looking for a little extra spark? A bottle of champagne, perhaps? Or turn-down service? Most properties have romance or couples add-on packages available upon request.

Want to find out what other couples think of a hotel you're considering? Click *Reviews* and then, under *Traveler type*, click *Couples*.

Your questions about romantic hotels answered

What are romantic hotels called?

Romantic hotels go by all kinds of names. Terms like “retreat,” “hideaway,” “haven,” and “sanctuary” all often designate properties specifically designed for loved-up guests, hinting at the blissfully romantic nature of the stays they offer. If you're looking to find romantic places to stay, just use Expedia's handy filters to select, say, hotels with spa facilities or five-star accommodations for an ultra-luxury getaway with your beloved.

What is a romantic resort?

Romantic resort hotels tend to offer a broad program of activities and entertainment, purposefully created with lovebirds in mind. Think a couple's snorkeling trip to a coral reef, a sunset cruise with a glass or 2 of champagne, or a yoga class to connect with your beau. This specific sub-category of romantic hotels also usually has spa facilities for couples' massages, an elevated level of service for that personal touch, and candlelit restaurants for a wonderful ambience over dinner. In your room, you could expect perks like a private balcony, luxurious decoration, or even a hot tub just for the 2 of you.

What should you look for in a romantic hotel?

When you're searching for romantic hotels, start by making sure that the property is exactly where you want it to be. Expedia's handy map feature gives you an overview of where the accommodation is compared to nearby towns and attractions so you can pinpoint precisely where you want to stay. Then, check out the amenities on offer using Expedia's filter checkboxes: Select “pool,” for instance, if you've been dreaming of lounging by the water with your loved one, flicking through a magazine in companionable silence.

What is the most romantic hotel in the world?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and the same goes for romantic hotels. While some couples might be smitten by the rural charm of a countryside retreat, others fall head over heels for a secluded beachfront resort or even a city-center property: There's no one-size-fits-all answer. One thing's for sure, though: Expedia's selection of the most romantic hotels is sure not to disappoint even the most discerning lovebirds.

Can I ask a hotel to give my room a romantic touch?

The staff at romantic hotels are there to make your stay unforgettable—and that includes satisfying your requests for the odd romantic flourish or 2. Depending on the hotel, you might be able to ask for a bottle of chilled champagne, a platter of fresh fruit, or home-made chocolates to be waiting for you in your room upon arrival. The hotel might also be able to provide a vase full of lovely flowers, arrange an in-room couples' massage or, for the full Hollywood effect, scatter red rose petals across the bed for a truly stunning surprise.

How do you make a hotel room romantic on a budget?

If you're looking to keep costs down while ramping up the romance, fear not: There are all kinds of affordable ways to make your room extra-special at romantic hotels. A box of nice chocolates for the room wouldn't set you back much, nor would a simple yet elegant bunch of your partner's favorite flowers to position on the nightstand. Personal touches are the best way to show that you care, so a handwritten card or an inexpensive yet meaningful gift waiting on the bed for your sweetheart would go down well without breaking the bank.

How do you plan a romantic night in a hotel?

Planning a romantic night away couldn't be easier, thanks to Expedia. It's this easy:

  • Simply input your desired dates into the search bar to see a full list of romantic hotels with availability.
  • Then, use the handy filters to pick, say, luxury 5-star accommodations or properties with spa facilities so you can tailor your break to your personal preferences.
  • Once you've narrowed your search, use the helpful map feature to figure out which hotels are located where: You might just be able to find a romantic hotel that's near a restaurant you've always wanted to try for date night or a museum your partner's always wanted to visit.
  • Finally, confirm your booking—and start packing for your romantic getaway.

How can I make my hotel room romantic on Valentine's Day?

If there's one time of year that calls for a bit of extra pizzazz, it's Valentine's Day—so this is your chance to go all-out and make the most out of your romantic hotel. Go above and beyond with a bouquet of red roses on the desk, a handwritten card on the bed, and even a handful of battery-powered tealights dotted around the space to create a candlelit ambience in your room. Don't forget a little sweet treat—whether that's chocolates, strawberries, or even a box of delicious brownies—and consider running a scented bubble bath or having your favorite movie cued up for a cozy night in. Remember that mood music sets the tone, so put together a playlist that suits the Valentine's vibe, too.

Are romantic hotels for couples only?

While romantic hotels aren't explicitly for couples only, they specialize in crafting intimate getaways for loved-up pairs. You'll find that most of the other guests are couples, that the rooms and amenities are designed for romantic breaks, and that the activities are targeted at 2 people, too. Whether or not this would bother you depends on your personal preference: You might nevertheless enjoy the luxury spas, fine dining, and luxury furnishings that a romantic property promises.

What are luxury romantic hotels like?

Luxury romantic hotels are a dream come true for loved-up duos: You can start the morning by sharing an indulgent breakfast in bed wrapped in the finest Egyptian cotton sheets, with a stunning view of the beach, mountains or city from your window. Then, wander through the hotel's tranquil corridors and enjoy a couple's massage in the spa before spending the afternoon relaxing by the pool. Wrap up the day with a delicious candlelit dinner, then enjoy a skillfully crafted nightcap in the hotel bar before retiring to bed. Make this dream a reality with Expedia's range of 5-star romantic hotels.

What do hotels do for honeymooners?

Hotels often pull out all the stops for newlyweds dizzy with honeymoon bliss. Room upgrades aren't guaranteed but are a common occurrence: If you're lucky, you might even end up in a luxurious “honeymoon suite” at some of the most romantic hotels. Expect extra-special attention from the staff, a handwritten congratulations card from the hotel manager, or little freebies—a chilled bottle of champagne in the room, rose petals on the bed, or even a complimentary dessert at dinner.

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