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Your Guide to Lake Geneva Hotels

Whether you live in Wisconsin or Illinois, there is a good chance that you have heard of Lake Geneva. This is a top-tier vacation destination. The attractions in the area are a big selling point, but the natural beauty of Geneva Lake is the main reason people visit this location. That said, not many people would visit here unless Lake Geneva hotels were overly impressive. We will cover the most common features for hotels in Lake Geneva, WI as well the most popular attractions in the area. You will then most likely be interested in finding flights to Lake Geneva as soon as possible.

With regards to the average Lake Geneva hotel, you will find yourself in a clean and comfortable location with a lot of amenities. Many Lake Geneva Wisconsin hotels have an indoor and an outdoor pool. This convenience makes sense considering the significant change in weather throughout the seasons. What’s important is that regardless of the weather, you and your family will have an opportunity to go swimming. When you swim outside here, you will likely have views of manicured gardens or a wilderness area. When you swim indoors during the winter, you will likely be able to see snow on the ground on the other side of the glass. This is a highly underrated experience that can lead to the ultimate relaxation, especially if there is a hot tub. Another neat feature for many Lake Geneva resorts is balconies large enough to fit tables and chairs. Other features might include free WiFi, a continental breakfast, a piano bar, wine and cheese in the afternoon, and a restaurant overlooking the lake.

With regards to attractions in Lake Geneva, they’re relatively spread out, so you will need to look into rental cars or go straight for Lake Geneva vacation packages where car rentals are part of your deal. The most popular attractions here include a championship golf course, a stable that offers horseback riding, a 21-mile hiking trail passing by historic mansions, a scenic yacht cruise on the lake, and a large waterpark. Popular activities in the summer include boating, swimming, hiking, and horseback riding. Popular activities in the winter include skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

When you’re ready to book your vacation, be sure to look for Lake Geneva cheap hotel deals. If you’re looking for discount prices, then your best bet might be to go with pet friendly hotels whether you have a pet or not.